Study the Teachings of Ifa

By Awo Fasina Falade:

The Irunmole are known as the primordials. These were the first beings given specific tasks to complete by Oludmare (God) and it's also important to know that the Irunmole are not human beings. There are pure spirit/energy. Each Irunmole was assigned a specific duty by Oludumare and should not be considered gods. Remember, there is only one creator and the Irunmole are it's assistants/manifestations of it. Important note: The Orisa were either Irunmole or Imole but because these spirits decided to manifest into physical from and they completed their destinies and left a legacy for others to follow here in the world, they were revered and elevated by other human beings as Orisa when they returned back to their spirit form. Some of the Irunmole/Imole kept their same name while here in the world as humans and others did not. So as to not cause too much confusion we will just name a few of these spirits Orisa for now but as one begins to study more as a priest, more clarity will be given on exactly what is an Irunmole and Imole.

The Orisa are our "Elevated ancestors, the crowned ones, those "human beings" who completed their destinies, were elevated by their community, and now serve as role models for all of us so that we may do the same. The Orisa just like the Irunmole are not gods! The is only one God and it's name is Olurun, Eledaa, Oludumare, Akamara, just to give a few names for the creator.

At the bottom we will list some of the character attributes of various Orisa. It is important to note, that the Orisa were not perfect and made many mistakes. Our job is to learn from both the good and bad choices they made, so that we may complete our destinies and be rewarded for our efforts and be sent to Ogba-Itero (The abode of complete peace and paradise)

Before going into the attributes of the Orisa, I feel it is very important to discuss "Ori" first, because "Ori" is our main support while here in Aye (Earth). Even the Irunmole and Orisa depended on their Ori to accomplish their tasks and assignments.

Ori is our main support and guide while here in Aye, yet Ori is not an Orisa; Ori is it's own entity which is comprised of your own destiny and character, it's your spirit, your own head (physical and spiritual). It is that which allows us to make choices through our own free will. Ori is also connected/combined with our spiritual double known as "Enikeji". Our Enikeji is that part of us that remains in Iwonron to remind us of our chosen destinty and what we should and shouldn't be doing while here in Aye. It's that little voice in our head telling us what's best for us.

Ori should be worshipped first and before any Irunmole and Orisah because all thoughts start within our own minds/heads and if our heads are focused, then so will our lives. The Irunmole and Orisa are there for the times our heads become detached (Modakeke). Basically, when we're not thinking correctly. Therefore, before seeking the assistance of any of the Irunmole or Orisa use your own head first to solve your problems (use your Ori).