Study the Teachings of Ifa

Oshosi is the deity or Orisha of the forest, and one of the three warrior orishas “Ibori” in Yoruba. Oshosi is a hunter, and his role as an often solitary figure in the wilderness lends him another role as a shaman. Oshossi is connected with all hunter cultures as well as the caboclos in Brazil know as the spirits of the native American dead, as well as the nature spirits of the forest. Oshosi is most important to the people of Brazil in Candomblé (a Latin American religion derived from the traditional spiritual practises of the Yoruba people of West Africa), as the Amazon Rainforest brings this element to the fore[citation needed] in Candomblé more than it is found in its cousins, the island religions of Cuban Santeria and Haitian Voudoun.