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The Virgin of Regla is actually named for a seaport in Spain, the city of Regla, Spain. There is an image of the Virgin Mary there known as the Virgen de Regla. Another city was founded on the same bay as he City of Havana, Cuba, and it was named Regla, and so the patron of this city was also the same Virgen de Regla.

Later on, the slaves in Cuba who were followers of the Lukumi religion of Nigeria adopted the Virgin of Regla as the surrogate for the African goddess Yemaya. It may be that the original Virgen de Regla actually was, originally, an African goddess who had been adopted into Christianity by way of Catholic suncretism, and then, ironically, she was transformed back into an African goddess by way of the syncretism of Cuban Santeria.

Yemaya is called the great because she is the Mother of many of the Orishas.