Study the Teachings of Ifa

This is a work in progress, started as a rough google translation that needed to be massaged into understandability

Ifa Says:
Everything that you make with you hands you destroy with your feet. You have done favors that have not been appreciated. You have two women, and will find one talking with another man. There will be a confrontation and you will lose. You were waiting to meet a women who changed her mind at the last possible moment and left you alone that time. You need to complete an offering so that your luck will change. And you will avert an illness. and also of a betrayal by your enemies. The offering should be to your head, a red snapper with it's tail placed in it's mouth. This along with two coconuts. And this needs to be done by someone that knows what they are doing.

Do you remember dreaming about a beautiful women, that was Ochun. You are a person that has frequent stomach problems. Don't worry so much about your secret money. Be careful that something you have tried to keep covered. Isn't found.


Ochun renounces the Quail
The Monkey
The Bat
The Owl becomes the Queen