Study the Teachings of Ifa

For those who haven't yet discovered the Cuban Yoruba Association website, I suggest you visit them directly.

The site is in Spanish, but it has extensive articles regarding Ifa and the Orishas. It is a site I visit regularly and in my opinion it is one of the most comprehensive and authoritative on the internet.

We are fortunate to be able to use the internet to visit a site such as this.
Give them a try and leave a message for the association, they might reply if it's not a foolish question.

Might I also suggest you use 'bing' to translate since I have found that 'bing' does a better job of translation of English to Spanish and vice-versa than the other alternatives available.

The association has also been kind enough to allow me to republish their articles on this website, and I am very grateful for that permission. Maferefun Ifa

Cuban Yoruba Cultural Association.
I invite you to visit their website directly at CubaYoruba