Study the Teachings of Ifa

April 3rd, 2009 I found out today that my Padrino, Joaquin Chicoy, Ika-Wo has passed away.
Here's a picture of him holding my Son,
Michael is now 25 and a Navy corpsman.

He was born in Cuba, Married my Madrina Teresa in the late 50's, He left Cuba in the 1960's and settled in Chicago Illinois. Where he worked at several jobs including American Airlines and at a watch company that I can't recall just now. I remember him working those 2 jobs at the same time to be able to buy his home and pay down some other obligations.

But he always wanted to retire to a quiet, Spanish speaking country. And left Chicago to spend most of his time in Caracas, where he had several more students and was godfather/padrino to many.

His first meeting with me was when I was just a little baby in Cuba.
He told me how he held me in his arms.
A good friend to my parents their whole life. We will all miss him very much.